zaterdag 31 december 2011

Opengl GUI, in C++

It seems that my test/welcome article has been successfully posted, not that anything could go wrong with a blogging service, especially not when owned and maintained by google :).

So today i will be posting my first, real, article. Its about a project i abandon a year ago, although i kinda stopped putting a lot of time into it even a year before that.

How could this be?
The answer to that question is rather easy to answer if you have ever taken a look at the code, its horrifying.
A year after abandoning the project i have decided to take a look again at the code, just for fun.
But suddenly i remembered why i quit.

I started coding random things, i had just finished reading "Aan de slag met C++" wich is a dutch book for learning the programming language C++, i had already bought myself a book about learning Opengl.

I have learned a lot by making this GUI, which basically involves 1 basic class which contains coordinates, size and other classes which inherit from it since coordinates and such can be reused.
As i have already said, i have learned a lot of it, but also put many hours into debugging it.
But as a beginner, you make beginner mistakes and since programming isnt exactly shallow curved, you keep making them for a long time.

The GUI was the only thing i have finished in that period of my life, other stuff i will post later this week.

This is the only watchable material i have of the GUI, on request i might undust the program and upload some more pics of it if people actually care :-).

#edit: the source code can be found here:
(please do not try to learn from it :P)

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  1. This has always been something that interests me, but I've never been able to motivate myself to learn about it hopefully following this blog will educate me.

    Are there any special ways to motivate oneself to learn coding? Where is a good place to start?

  2. @Sliver
    The best way to learn is by making stuff, i suggest making a console game, since you will have to think about logic and have a goal to work to.
    Then keep adding new stuff, youll notice after a while that arrays arent always efficient figure that its time to learn about structures and classes :).

  3. Sliver, i can make your words mine, i'm too lazy for that ): but i wish i wasn't

  4. You should check me out, I've got some cool information about SQL Injection.

  5. Wow, if I got any questions, I'll come to you :)

  6. It'd be nice to see a little more of this UI and the source. With all of the recent integration of this technology into browsers it's important to educate developers on this kind of thing.

    Of course, you could always publically release what you've got for other folks to use! ;-)

  7. very informative and interesting! +follow

  8. That looks nice, but its C++ right?
    I only use java :)

  9. Sweet blog man got to say. + nice informative post!

  10. That was an interesting read, couldn't keep up with some of the stuff you said. I liked it though haha!

  11. Nice, this is what I'm working on in school

  12. is it worth it to get into c++ if you're not getting paid for it?

  13. Never learned anything about c++. I did learn some java and vb though. Forgot most of it though, since I'm not into programming like I use to be.