dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Let's plays are awesome

hey guys,

As a lot of people i love to watch series, ive got a huge collection on my pc, most episodes watched so far are star trek, heroes and dragon ball /z (!).
But i occasionally also watch Let's plays of games, now usually you watch those because you care about the game, but i think you people should know about mikelat.

This guy is awesome, sure i love skyrim, but watching an LP of the game would be boring without his commentary, he knows exactly what interests me and is a boss at filling up boring parts.

  Also his coop Let's play of serious sam 3 is on my list of being watch currently, its funny when he makes references to other games wich would be great if they adapted a gameplay style like serious sam (*cough* duke nukem forever *couch*).

All in all i suggest you check this guy out, i will never watch an LP unless its by Mikelat.

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  1. I love let's plays too! I'm thinking of doing a zelda a link to the past run, but my broken english would kill it for everyone, I guess

  2. Yeah, he has a great take on things. When people show games and commentate it helps me in deciding whether or not to buy, much better than a review. Following.

  3. I'm going to check his videos out right now! Lets see if he can give zero punctuation a run for his money :)



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  4. I tried making a few let's plays, but I always ended up not finishing them Q_Q

  5. Yea I've seen his videos before, they're really great!

  6. Very very good...

    following you now

  7. I love Skyrim. Followed.